Apps Facebook CityVille Hack Download – Update 2014

Apps Facebook CityVille Hack Download – Update 2014

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Introducing you to the program namely to Apps Facebook CityVille Hack.

This program allows you to add the necessary resources in the game.

His name is CityVille Hack Tool v2.1

listed below are functions that have this cheat.

Note: The program allows you to add resources of their choice once every 12 hours.

– Increasing the number of coins of any unit.

– Increasing the amount of cash for any unit.

– Increasing the amount of energy with maximum 800pkt once. (every 12 hours)

– Increasing the amount of goods with maximum 800pkt once. (every 12 hours)

For instructions is given below a short video showing the assembly program.

(You can download the file below)

How to download?

Download CityVille Hack Tool v2.1

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Description of the game

Designed for users of social networking site Facebook games that allows play the role of a virtual city manager.

Among the productions of casual players signed with the company logo Zynga are very popular. The developer known for his record-beating games facebook FarmVille and FrontierVille decided to use the lessons learned to create an even more extensive and compelling strategy. CityVille is a kind of mix of best practices and fresh ideas. As intended by the manufacturer should respond to people who already have to deal with similar games, as well as complete novices.

CityVille apps leaves players in a lot of flexibility. No story is not a disadvantage. The authors made ​​sure the game because of a large number of tasks, so that virtually every step you need something fun to do, build or acquire.

Initially, players can take advantage of a small city of the two streets, railway and some buildings. Reasonably household space, which at this stage is not particularly large, you need to erect such houses, public buildings, retail outlets, fields and roadways. For urban development is essential to the rational use of resources. In the game, these are coins, cash (to buy a separate currency for special items), energy and supplies.

With the progress on the expansion of the city network of economic and social connections are becoming more complex in nature, making the gameplay becomes even more interesting and exciting.

CityVille creators took care of a multitude of social functions. “Neighbours”, ie the players friends play an important role in fulfilling the outsourced functions, but also in economic development. They are also indispensable for example, the filling of posts in public services. Among the unique features that were in the game, attention is the option to create a network of shops and placement centers in the cities of other players. It is important to also trade with friends.

Gaming control system is very simple and intuitive. Menu construction of new buildings have been functionally grouped. Management of individual buildings (eg the collection of rent or Replenishment) is limited to one or two clicks on the Appropriate icon.

In terms of audio-visual binding CityVille is part of the design of previous production company Zynga, especially FarmVille. Two-dimensional graphics with isometric projection of a characteristic color and aesthetic. Roam the streets of virtual cities crowds of people, crops flourish in the fields, and many architectural elements are animated, which reinforces the impression of “life”.

Like most games appearing on Facebook, in CityVille can play for free. Some elements, however, is only available for a special currency – the “cash” (cash). The game appears to be very rare, so the quickest and easiest way to get it is to buy enough for real money.

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