Forge of Empires Hack Cheat [Diamonds Maker v 1.1] – Update 2014

Forge of Empires Hack Cheat [Diamonds Maker v 1.1] – Update 2014

I would like to introduce you to the application to the browser game Forge of Empires which is called the Forge of Empires Diamonds Maker v 1.1 The application allows you to increase the resources by which we can put advanced buildings and gather a mighty army. The program exploits a vulnerability in the database “Forge of Empires” and updates the status of resources such as golds, tools, and diamonds after entering the specified number to the program

Does this Forge of Empires Diamonds Maker work ?

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About Forge of Empires Hack Diamonds Maker v1.1

- undetectable
- button automatically check the currently logged user

Instruction How to Hack Diamonds Forge of Empires

1. run “Forge of Empires Diamonds Maker v. 1.1.exe”
2. click button “Check the currently logged user” or in the menu at the top “Connect”
Note! before you click this button must be logged in the game
3. enter the amount of golds, tools and diamonds
4. click button “Get it!”
Thats all, further instructions you’ll see in the program.

(Link to download below)

How to download?

Download Forge of Empires Diamonds Maker v1.1

Download Forge of Empires Diamonds Maker v1.1 mirror1

Here you can see the work of this application

The strategy browsergame Forge of Empires in your possession gets a little of the early settlement of the future fate will lie in your hands and on your decision here depends on how the empire will have in the future. An important aspect is teżobranie military strategy and the market. In the game, Forge of Empires, starting in the Stone Age, and how far you have available to you in a small village, the game should be developed further and impose economic stratergię best. After peeling a good strategy you have a chance to fully develop its military and settlement, and become the ruler of the whole continent.

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