Imperia Online Hack/Cheat Diamonds Hacker v2.0 (Resources generator)

Imperia Online Hack/Cheat Diamonds Hacker v2.0 (Resources generator)

I would like to present to you the final running Hack for resources to Imperia Online (MMO browser) such
as Diamonds, Golds, Wood, Iron and Stone. All you have to do to get free resources to just enter the
information about your browser and enter the Character Name of the form you will receive a bonus in the
form of raw materials.

Impperia Online Diamonds Hacker

Imperia Online Hack Cheat Tool

Does this tool Work ?

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The Imperia Online Hack User-Interface is made by our designer(Alex) and it`s really easy to use it.

Version: 2.00
Operating System: Mac / Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and also all other windows.
Browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and the other.
Anti-Ban Protection : Yes
Undetectable Script : Yes
Tested and still works perfectly.

Besides this Imperia Online Cheat have the following features:

Add Unlimited Imperia Online Diamond Hack
Add Unlimited Imperia Online Gold Hack
Add Unlimited Imperia Online Wood Hack
Add Unlimited Imperia Online Iron Hack
Add Unlimited Imperia Online Stone Hack

(Link to download below)

How to download?

Download Imperia Online Diamonds Hacker v2.0

Download Imperia Online Diamonds Hacker v2.0 mirror1

Instruction How to use Imperia Online Diamonds Hacker

Connect to server and get free hack for resources (step by step)

First you need to log in to the game on the site.
Once you are logged in, then start the program in the background “Diamonds Hacker v 2.0.exe
In the top menu, select Connect -> Select browser -> (select the browser you are currently playing in the
Then confirm your selection by clicking next to the words “Select browser” on the left shows the stamp of
approval (all shown in the video below presents the process of adding free resources).
Then select Connect -> Check currently logged user now -> (enter the name of the form and confirm field)
Connect -> Activate this date (confirm)

If you pop up the message “Congratulations! You have been connected to the server.

This means that we can supplement the table in the first instance to add:
Wood, Iron, Stone, Gold, Diamond. You do not have to fill out all the fields if you only need gold and
diamonds are only 2 fields to fill in and click the “Hack it!” (wait a moment …)

As everything was successful pops up a message that says that your request has been successfully
completed then it will be necessary to relogin back into the game.

Here you can see the work of this application
(change quality for 720)

I wish all the players Imperia Online big success in the game with the help of free resources by
application Diamonds Hacker
. For breaking the code in the game database, creating and sharing this
program, thanks to Alex from our team. If you have some questions about this hack send mail to

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