Samurai Siege Hack/Cheat [Diamonds Maker]

Samurai Siege Hack/Cheat [Diamonds Maker]

Hello! just finished work on a cheat for Samurai Siege – mobile games for android and iOS, it was hard but we managed with effect positive!
Cheat called Samurai Siege Hack: Diamonds Maker as the name suggests this tool allows us to generate free resources in the game without buying them from the official supplier of the game. The resources that we can generate for free on our account in the game are Diamonds, Coins and Essences with this Samurai Siege Hack

Screenshots of this tool (Main window)
Samurai Siege Hack Cheat Tool
Screenshots of this tool (Resources increaser window)
Samurai Siege Hack for Diamonds Maker

Samurai Siege Hack is compatible with game version 1.5.1 and upper, all android and iOS devices (all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) that support this game. Cheat not needed root or jailbreak and works in online mode with other players!
To grab resources like Diamonds, Coins and Essences first you must connect your mobile device with PC or MAC run tool Samurai Siege Diamonds Maker. In mainly window select your devices system if you have iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, select iOS if other select android, click Detect Device. In General Options check security mode, use proxy connection and select with list proxy ip address in window USER ID enter your username account in the game, click Access.
Now open in group box Samurai Siege Hack Grab more Diamonds & Resources! enter amount of Diamonds, Coins, Essences how many you want grab for free to your account, and click Grab this Resources! More detailed instruction How to? and a download links you find at below in this site.

How to download?

Download Samurai Siege Hack: Diamonds Maker

Download Samurai Siege Hack: Diamonds Maker mirror1

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Samurai Siege Hack Features:

  • Using Proxy Connection
  • Enabled Secure Mode Connection
  • Works in online mode with other players

Watch this video tutorial and learn a How to Hack Samurai Siege

Instructions, step by step How to Hack database and make some value of resources in our Samurai Siege account

How to connect the device to the application?

  • (1) The first thing you need to do is connect your device to your computer via USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • (2) Turn a tool Samurai Siege Hack: Diamonds Maker.exe Samurai-Siege-Hack-Diamonds-Maker
  • (3) In window “Device Status” select your operating system your device (Android or iOS), then click a button “Detect Device”
    Clash of Clans Hack - Detect Device
  • (4) Then the program will check whether the device is connected to your computer, if so it, tool showed information (example picture below)

    Click “Connect device” and wait a while, then you should see a successful information about the connected device to the tool

How to get access to game database of account where we can edit the values ​​of resources Diamonds, Coins, Essences?

  • (1) Enter your account username (User ID)
  • (2) Before clicking the “Access” button, enable all security options in the “General Options” and select the proxy ip address. When you are done selecting security options, click the “Access”.
    Clash of Clans Hack - General Options
  • (3) The tool displays a message about the work “Ongoing input into the database account ‘your account’…” and then stops status “Entrance to the database, account ‘your account’ successfully executed!”

    At this moment we can add resources to the state of the database to connected account.

How to get free Diamonds, Coins and Essences to your account?

  • (1) In the window “Samurai Siege Hack” click button “Grab more Diamonds & Resources!”
  • (2) A window will appear in which you must specify certain of values ​​that we want to add resources to our account in the game Samurai Siege.
    Enter how much you want add Diamonds, Coins & Essences and click button “Grab this Resources!”
  • (3) Application will perform a number of activities , starting with sending a request to the database to ‘your account’ adding this resources and ending with the saved database. In this way, after a short time you will get to your account free Coins, Diamonds and Essences without any paid activities!
  • At finally, brief information about us…

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