Stardoll Cheats for Stardollars Starcoins [Hack Stardollars Maker v 1.0.0]

Stardoll Cheats for Stardollars Starcoins [Hack Stardollars Maker v 1.0.0]

I want present you the first official Final Cheat for Stardollars and Starcoins to the browser game called Stardoll. The program is called “Stardoll: Stardollars Maker v 1.0.0“, in short, this application allows you to add to your account in the game of valuable resources such as Stardollars and Starcoins by such possibilities we have in the game full range of possibilities and of course with save your valuable money because you do not need longer send SMS to stardollars
Stardollars Maker v 1.0.0 uses a loophole in the game, which at the time was not fixed, and probably will not be long because no one of the producers of that game have not yet discovered.

Stardoll Stardollars Hack Download

Cheat for Stardollars & Starcoins

Does this tool Work ?

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Some info about application

  • Undetectable
  • Adds Stardollars
    suggested amount of limit (1 – 100000 max)
  • Adds Starcoins
    suggested amount of limit (1 – 100000 max)
(ATTENTION ! not go overboard with adding too many amount of resources, too many amount write can cause an error then you will need to restart the program and turn it on again)

(Link to download below)

How to download?

Download Stardoll Stardollars Maker v 1.0.0

Download Stardoll Stardollars Maker v 1.0.0 mirror1

Video showing work application

Read this instruction to the end and learn How to Hack Stardollars and Starcoins on Stardoll (step by step)

  • (1)  The first thing you need to do is log in to your account in the game
  • (2)  Next step, when you log in to the game, start the program   Stardoll Hack for Stardollars and Coins Download
  • (3)  After starting Hack, press button “Check the currently logged user”
    (if you are currently logged in at this point in the game, Hack detects a name for your account, at the button will be labeled as your character name, now you have a full connection and the ability to add value of Stardollars & Starcoins to your stardoll account, if you not logged you must to do it now!)
Upon successful login, should appear the message (screen below)
Character found

  • (4)  Great, now enter the value of Stardollars and Starcoins, we want to add into our account
    (suggested max limit adherence 100000) and then click the “Get it for free now!”
(after clicking on the button the program starts to generate the value of stocks listed then sends a request to the database on the game server)

(everything was successful if the message pops up like this)

Before using Stardollars Maker v 1.0.0


After using Stardollars Maker v 1.0.0


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